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We specialize in providing high quality home and commercial building inspections. Our pricing is competitive and our work is thorough. Read our reviews and contact us to schedule your inspection!

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Private Water Testing

Well water should be tested to be sure that it is safe to drink and free of other issues. Fixing water issues can be costly, and it is best to know up front if you have potential problems.

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Air Radon Testing

All homes should be tested for radon gas. We provide independent two to four day testing. If the home you are considering hasn't been tested, be sure to ask us to handle it for you.


A Home Inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of a subject property by a qualified home inspector, resulting in a written report about its condition. These inspections are most always performed in conjunction with the sale of a house or a commercial property, typically after the offer has been accepted but before closing. A successful property inspection should be a contract contingency.


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Dale Shriver, ACI

Owner, Member & Manager
NH License #394
VT License # 143.0118125
ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) #264704
ICC Certified Residential Building Inspector #9847607


A qualified and trusted home & commercial inspector will help you to make an informed decision.  Safeguarding your financial (and emotional) investment starts with a complete Property Inspection, including Radon Testing and Well Water Testing, as necessary.

Our unbiased reports will help you to obtain a full understanding of the property condition, before your inspection deadline passes.

If you’re considering buying real estate and getting a home inspection in New Hampshire or Vermont, our comprehensive inspection report and services will provide you with extensive information about your potential investment. Nothing can compete with the value provided by your Home Inspection Report. We work with first time home buyers, veterans, experienced buyers, and commercial investors.

We Understand The Impact of All the Seasons on Your Home

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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Twin State Inspections, LLC is here to help you through the Home Inspection process.  

If you are having your home inspected (by us or even someone else), we highly recommend you use our downloadable checklist to help you get ready!  Our checklist includes some of the most common Home and Property Inspection findings that our home inspectors encounter on a regular basis.

Our video (to the left) can introduce you to the process.


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