Free Smoke Alarms

Free Smoke Alarms Get ’em while they’re hot! Free Smoke Alarms for VT and NH And some free advice from The American Red Cross The American Red Cross New Hampshire & Vermont Region is promoting a new campaign that is designed to help you make your home safer.  The Red Cross Home Fire Preparadness Campaign seeks to make homes[…]

Circa 1820: “Personal” Belongings Left Behind. Literally.

Circa 1820: “Personal” Belongings Left Behind. Literally. and other interesting home inspection tales Inspecting older, historical homes is a particular professional passion of mine.  There‚Äôs almost always a charming relic, legacy, or quirk to be uncovered when prodding about the nooks and crannies of a 200+ year-old home. These discoveries make the job really interesting[…]


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Some Shocking Information. If you live in the modern era, you have probably noticed the special electrical receptacle (or outlet, socket, or whatever you want to call it) near a potentially wet location with a little test and reset button on its face. These are known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. Commonly[…]