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Twin State Inspections offers commercial building inspections, which includes buildings such as offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and more. These buildings have different plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and roofing equipment than regular homes, which means they need a commercial building inspection.

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Commercial buildings are more expensive to maintain and repair, and owners are liable for their employees and customers. A commercial inspection can help reduce any risks that may be possible. Our inspection includes a walk-through inspection where we inspect the different systems of the building, reviewing the documents and records of the property, and an inspection report at the end. Depending on the needs of the project, specialists may need to be hired to fix any potential issues in the building.

Commercial property inspections are commonly referred to as Property Condition Assessments (PCA).   They are performed for the following reasons:
* Triple net (NNN) leases
* Pre-lease 
* Post-lease 
* Pre-purchase 
* Pre-sale 
* Financing or Financial Planning 
* Condominium Reserve Studies
 Our 4-Point PCA process includes:
1.  Documentation review and interviews (such as Certificates of Occupancy, Building Permits, Fire/Safety Violations, etc.)
2.  Visual walkthrough survey using appropriate building consultants.
3.  Research/evaluation of costs for major replacements/repairs 
4.  Creation of a comprehensive written report, including five-year pro-rata repair/replace data.
We provide estimates for major repairs (over $3000 within the next five years) as well as estimates of remaining useful life on major building systems.
Twin State Inspections, LLC follows ASTM Standard E2018-15 to perform these high-stakes due diligence inspections.  This ASTM Standard is a widely accepted protocol among commercial real estate stakeholders and provides a wealth of information about the potential investment needs for a property.  The standard is available for review directly from the ASTM (

Our Walk-Through Survey Includes

Observations/Identification of:
* Site Work (Parking, Drainage, etc.)
* Structural Frame & Building Envelope 
* Roofing
* Plumbing
* Heating
* Air Conditioning & Ventilation
* Electrical
* Vertical Transportation
* Life Safety/Fire
We can schedule specialist evaluations too!  Ask us about:
* Phase I Environmental Survey Assessments (ESA)
* Fire Protection Inspections
* Asphalt Paving Evaluations
* Elevator/Escalator (Conveyance) Systems
* Structural Evaluations, including Parking Garages.
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