Home Inspector in Charlestown, NH

Twin State Inspections, LLC performs Home and Property Inspection Services in Charlestown, NH and surrounding areas.  Your local Home Inspector will provide you with a high quality home inspection report, when you need it.

To schedule your home inspection, call us at 603-643-4677 or email Info@TwinStateInspections.com.  In addition, you can also schedule your inspection right on your computer by clicking the “Schedule Online” button below.

Radon Testing and Well Water Testing is also available in Charlestown, NH.  Be sure to let us know if you need those services when you book your home inspection.

Online Scheduling

Use our convenient online scheduling system to pick your preferred inspection time, to see pricing, and to determine inspector availability.

A few quick home inspection facts

Home Inspectors must be licensed and insured to perform their duties

Our inspectors are fully licensed, qualified, and we carry plenty of insurance. In addition, our employees are very well trained and are actively managed by an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI). ASHI is one of the largest trade associations for Home Inspectors.  We work within their high standards so you receive a quality home inspection report.  Read more about us and our qualifications.


Our Home Inspectors write high quality, easy to understand reports.

Ask for a sample report. We maintain a catalog of sample reports. Of course, your home inspector will write your report quickly because we know you are on a deadline.  In fact, most reports are delivered within 24-48 hours!  Learn more about our Home Inspection services.

Radon Results Are Fast and Reliable

All homes should be tested for radon gas. With this purpose in mind, your home inspector will use a professional radon monitor.  This will inform you quickly if the home has a radon problem. Radon causes cancer and can be expensive to mitigate. Read more about our Radon Testing Services.

Our Well Water Testing is Prompt and Accurate. 

When you order well water testing from us, your home inspector will take the hassle out of the process. We work with one of the region’s best environmental, state-certified labs. We deliver your water samples directly to the lab for immediate processing.  Read more about our Well Water Testing Services.

We Don't Take Shortcuts

In Summary, exploring attics, entering crawlspaces, and mounting rooftops (assuming it is safe) is part of our daily job.  Our Home Inspectors crouch down, crawl, probe, touch, look, and smell. You’ll get a complete written report sent quickly, so you can make an informed decision about the property.