Hooray for Condo Living!

Hooray for Condo Living!
but you still need a home inspection.

hooray condo living

Buying a Condo?

You still need to get a home inspection.

Any way you look at it, purchasing a condo is one of life’s major investments, whether you’re a first time buyer or a retired downsizer. And just like most homebuyers, a condo purchase can stretch financial resources so thin that once you’ve singed on the dotted line, there’s hardly any money leftover to do anything, let alone cover sudden unexpected expenses. Failed heating and cooling systems, appliance breakdowns, leaky shower fixtures or cracks, water damage, and eeeek! Mold!

Or a Spiders Nest! Do Spiders even make nests? Let your home inspector find out so you don’t have to the hard way. Specifically, screaming your fool head off at the sight, now within earshot of 100 of your closest neighbors, which prompts someone to call the police. Which leads to an embara…..sorry. Nevermind. This isn’t about me.

Back to the point.

And along with a spider check, your home inspector can also…

Help you understand your property and the responsibilities that come along with ownership. Where to turn off water in an emergency? Air filters? Cleaning out that dryer exhaust duct.. Hmmm… funny thing about condos… those little valves and ducts and filters can be tucked away and hard to find! Your Home Inspector however, can and should help locate them all for you, as well as inspect that things are in sufficient working order.

A unique aspect is that the majority of the building’s systems are shared elements and expenses. If there are issues with these components, they’re typically covered under the condo corporation. As such, some home inspectors may ignore these systems in their inspection. Details regarding any issues, maintenance, or renovation plans for shared components are outlined in the condominium’s Status Certificate, which you should also read before you buy.

What a home inspector looks for in a condo (Condo Inspection Checklist)

Here’s some of the other items important in a condo inspection

  • The windows are installed correctly and function safely
  • The heating, electricity, wiring, and plumbing is operable and free from defects
  • There is no build-up of moisture or humidity
  • Appliances are installed correctly and are functional
  • The hood fan exhaust is installed correctly
  • Other exhaust and ventilation systems are working
  • The balcony or deck is free of major safety problems
  • Any exterior issues that could affect your individual unit

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