How To Keep Cold Air From Coming Through Windows

Keeping the cold air out and the warm air in is vital in the winter months. No one wants to feel that extra draft coming from the windows. Additionally, no one wants to pay that extra electric bill as you attempt to keep your home warm in the winter. This could be a costly issue as windows that aren’t sealed can allow the cold air in. How to keep cold air from coming through windows? Make sure the windows are sealed on the inside and outside of the window frame. This prevents cold air from coming through the windows.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to make sure the cold air stays out and the warm air stays in.

Outside weather stripping to seal a window keeps the cold weather out.
Outside weather stripping to seal a window

The Best Approach

Believe it or not, there are multiple recommended ways to insulate your windows and keep the cold air from coming through your drafty windows

  • Weather stripping – all doors and windows come with some type of weather stripping. If you have older windows you will want to update the weather stripping to ensure you have a complete seal around the window itself.
  • Install foam tape – foam tape can be used on all of the crevices of the windows. Older windows might be warped so this is a great way to seal up those openings.
  • Window film – using window film can all but guarantee a complete wrap of the window. Also, the window film looks like saran wrap that can be shrunk down with heat to form fit the window and complete a sealed tight lock.
  • Use insulated thermal curtains – there are insulated curtains that you can purchase and install over your windows to limit the draft from the winter weather. Window Quits have been around a LONG time and are manufactured nearby in Brattleboro!
  • Re-caulk – making sure that your caulk has been updated and refreshed is important. Caulk will shrink over time and crack so this can cause air to seep in from the outside as the temperatures change and the caulk expands and shrinks with the temperature changes. Caulking the window frame and window sill is essential.
  • Install new energy-efficient windows – replacing your windows with double-pane windows will increase the thickness of protection against your home. Also, double-pane gives you an extra layer of insulation that can assist in keeping the cold air out and reduce your heating bill. However, keep in mind that double-pane windows can be hard to clean so do your research first.
Caulking the window sill keeps the cold air out and keeps the warm air inside the home.
Caulking the window sill

Tools And Materials

While there are always concerns about drafty doors and windows, you should also look into your home’s insulation. Making sure that the home is properly insulated will also save you time and money. This is a good time to have your home inspection team check out the insulation during their home inspection.

Believe it or not, it is a great idea to insulate your doors at the same time as your windows. Different doors can require different options. For example, sliding doors might take a fabric tube, draft snake, or draft stopper more easily than a window. Feel free to try both on your windows and doors.

Lastly, knowing what type of windows you have is also important. You might need to replace your windows and upgrade them to double-pane or double-glazed windows. Read up on your window manufacturer. Older homes might be better served to have an upgrade prior to the winter months.

Heat shrinking plastic keeps the cold air out.
Heat shrinking plastic for winterization

When Do I Call A Professional

The best time to call on a professional contractor is when you do not have the time or equipment to complete the project. Oftentimes, the homeowner does not have the necessary tools to complete the project. Call on a reputable licensed contractor to complete the project.

Consider reaching out to your local home inspection company to give a full home inspection. They can recommend other maintenance needs as well as a reputable licensed contractor. Completing multiple projects at once always saves time and money.


Always use your local home inspection team to look over your windows and doors. Additionally, conducting a full home inspection is a great way to ensure that you will be set for the winter months. A lot of issues could be solved with regards to the sealing of your windows and doors and keeping the home properly insulated.  Twin State inspections will conduct a quality home inspection in the Twin State areas of VT and NH.