Inspecting Homes in the Era of COVID

Inspecting Homes in the Era of COVID

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Wow!  The past year has been difficult (crummy, lousy, un-fun, not cute, inconvenient, even deadly)!  I won’t even go on about how this virus has changed our lives or the impact that it has had on our businesses, on our personal lives, and perhaps on our sanity.  Not to mention the lost lives.  It’s been sad.

Even though the numbers are improving, we are still taking this all very seriously and we still have safety precautions that we are taking. We are doing our very best to help keep everyone safe at property inspections.

If you ask around, you’ll find out that our safety procedures set us apart from other home inspectors. If you decide to book a home inspection with us, you should talk to you real estate agent or attorney to be sure you are comfortable with what we ask you to do.


First of all, we are committed to being vaccinated as soon as possible. It is the only tool that we seem to have in our toolbox to get us back to normal. As such, all of the Property Inspectors at our company are ready to roll up our sleeves and get the shots that are needed. As of this writing, two of our inspectors are partially vaccinated, but will still be following strict safety procedures outlined below well into the future.

If you are vaccinated, we are beyond happy to hear that! Keep in mind, however, that your personal vaccination status does not change our procedures below. We still require that everyone wear a mask, socially distance, and limit touching of surfaces in the property.


1. No one can be inside the home while our inspectors are inside working.

This does not mean that you can not attend the inspection. However, this does mean that no one else can be inside the home while we are performing the interior home inspection. This includes all real estate agents, occupants, contractors, and other inspectors you may hire (septic, chimney, etc). We will not share airspace with anyone, regardless of vaccination status.

Rationale: We all sneeze and cough as part of normal human behavior. Walking through aerosolized droplets of this bio-material presents us with unacceptable health risks. Homes and buildings are typically not well ventilated.

2. Regardless of your vaccination status, everyone must wear a mask or face covering at all times.

This includes both inside and outside on the grounds and you must wear it properly over your nose and mouth. Noses that are hanging out will be called out by our inspectors for immediate correction. For information about this, please visit this website:

Rationale: Wearing a mask helps to prevent transmission of airborne illness.

3. You must remain at a distance and respect social distancing guidelines at all times.

If you decide to attend the home inspection, everyone must remain at least 6′ apart when interacting. Extended family members, contractors, or children should not be on site at the inspection.

Rationale: Social distancing helps to prevent the transmission of airborne illness. Reducing the number of people at the inspection is also helpful.

4. Surfaces in the home could be dirty or contaminated.

Please remember that when you touch a surface (door knobs, light switches, sink faucets, toilet flushers) in a home, those surfaces could be unsanitary. You should carry your own sanitizing wipes and cleansers to the inspection and use them. 

Rationale: The transmission of illness can be as a result of surface contamination.

5. If you are subject to quarantine, or if you have have had any recent close contact with a COVID-19 patient, you may NOT attend this home inspection.

You also agree NOT to attend this inspection if you have any of the typical Covid-19 health symptoms.  Please stay home if you are unwell.

Rationale: Sick people transmit illness. People subject to state quarantine orders have to follow them.

6. Finally, if you choose to attend the inspection, you may become sick anyway.

Your health and safety is not guaranteed. However, if you attend, we will do a final wrap up meeting outside the home. As an alternative, we are always glad to schedule a phone call or do an online meeting with you to review any or all portions of the report.

Thank you for your help in keeping everyone safe at home inspections!


Credit for image above NIAID, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)

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