Radon in a home

Who Pays For Radon Mitigation Buyer or Seller

Many issues can arise during a home inspection. As a buyer or seller, you should know which items are your responsibility to cover the costs. Making sure that the seller pays their part is certainly advantageous for you. The home inspection is in place to protect the buyer and the seller. Who pays for radon[…]

How Long Does Attic Insulation Last

While up in the attic to get down your holiday decorations, you begin to look around the attic space. You are taking a look to ensure that everything is still sealed up and as expected. All of a sudden, you notice that some of the insulation appears damp and damaged. Clearly, the insulation cannot do[…]

Shower end with flowing water

Can You Shower In Water With Coliform

Having a well to supply you with your water source needs monitoring daily. To maintain cleanliness and healthy standard in your home, you should be testing your water. There are many questions involved with well water, and preventative maintenance is always best. Can you shower in water with coliform? Yes, you can take a shower[…]