Smoke & CO Detectors

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

An Ancient Smoke Alarm

We check every home that we inspect for adequately placed Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors.  Our home inspectors look for compliance in these three areas:

1.  Proper LOCATION of the detector.  Smoke and CO Detectors should be located properly.  Generally speaking, at least one smoke/CO detector should be located on each habitable level of the home and one should be situated in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms.  Your State will issue specific guidance and each home is different.  Contact us for help in locating your state’s guidance.

2.  AGE of the detector.  Smoke detectors that are greater than ten (10) years old (5-7 years old for CO detectors) can not be relied upon and should be replaced immediately.  Almost all modern detectors have a date code stamped on the bottom of it.  If if doesn’t have a date code, it’s probably very old and it’s time to replace it.  If the plastic has yellowed like the one in this entry’s photo, it is ancient history and must be replaced.  

3.  Correct TYPE of detector.  Each bedroom should be fitted with a Smoke alarm.  The hallways outside the bedrooms should have a smoke/CO combination type.  In Vermont, these must operate on Photoelectric principles.  Ionization smoke alarms are not allowed in Vermont.

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