Duct with mold

How To Remove Mold From Air Conditioner Ducts

Anytime mold is involved in a home it can be a daunting task for homeowners. Calling on the right professionals is key here. The moment that you notice mold is growing on your ceiling and near the air conditioner ducts you should call on a professional mold remediation company. They can remove the mold from[…]

Water damage

How To Tell If Water Damage Is New Or Old

Every homeowner’s nightmare is to look up and notice water spots on their ceiling. Not only does your mind go into action mode, but you start thinking the worst. Fortunately, if you are noticing water damage for the first time, it is likely fairly fresh. A leak might have started in the attic or walls[…]

home inspector tools

What Tools Does a Home Inspector Need

Specific tools in the tool bag are needed for many professions. Home inspectors inspect homes and commercial buildings and need tools in order to do their job. Safety is important so having the right tools is essential. However, each home inspector is different in their preferences. What tools does a home inspector need? They need[…]