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Independent Well Water Quality Testing for Vermont and New Hampshire

We provide full-service, on-site, well water quality testing services throughout much of Vermont and New Hampshire. Below are some common questions and answers regarding well water quality and our available service offerings to you.  Keep in mind that we don’t sell water treatment systems, and our results are unbiased.  We give you the just the facts and we handle it all from start to finish.  Easy!

Question: Should I get the well water tested?

Answer: Yes!  We often receive results of well water tests that indicate safety (potability) problems. There are a variety of issues that can occur with well water.  Examples can be the presence of Total coliform, e.Coli bacteria, arsenic, nitrite, nitrate, radon, lead, or copper. In addition, there are also secondary (not safety related) characteristics of well water which can be problematic, such as elevated iron/manganese, acidic water, sodium, and chloride. We sometimes test for MtBE or other various volatile organic compounds, especially if a gas station is (or was) nearby.

Although, treatment systems are available to fix most well water problems, these can be costly. We recommend that you know what treatment systems are needed, as part of your due diligence process and during your inspection period. You can only correct problems, if you have an independent comprehensive well water test completed.

If you have a specific concern with the well water, please let us know and we will see what can be done to check for it.

Question: How much does well water testing cost?

Answer: Our well water testing prices are competitive. We absorb the laboratory fees, the courier costs, and time involved with getting your samples to the laboratory in Merrimack County. Samples must be immediately transported and received at the laboratory within 24 hours of draw should and they should arrive very cold (around 6°C). We pack them in ice. The exact pricing depends on what type of test is needed and whether or not it is included with a Home Inspection. We can provide you with a quote either by phone or if you book your home inspection online.

Question: Can we do our own well water testing?

Answer: Yes of course you can, but there are caveats. However, if you decide do to this, be sure to obtain the proper sterile test kits from a qualified laboratory. You must take care not to contaminate your samples and you must immediately transport the samples on ice. Of course, if you want to avoid this and keep an arms length from this process, contact us to handle it all for you. We are a neutral third party and we are trained to draw and manage water samples so the results are accurate and hassle free. We handle all the details.

Question: When do you draw the water samples? Are you the lab too?

Answer: If you have scheduled a home inspection with us, we usually try to get to the home 2-3 days in advance of the scheduled inspection date to get a head start on this. Once received at the lab, samples take 3-5 days for the final report. Sometimes, we will draw the sample at the inspection.

Twin State Inspections, LLC is not a laboratory and does not provide well water analytical services directly. We only perform the well water sampling services and provide you with the testing results.

Question: When do we get the results?

Answer: Most water results are back to us in 3-5 days, depending on the test. Although, some testing takes longer, such as testing for Gross Alpha (radiological issues) which can take up to two weeks to return results. We track the progress of your well water samples and provide you with the results as soon as they are received and have been reviewed by our staff.

Question: What if there is a problem?

Answer: Most well water potability and quality problems can be resolved. With this in mind, various types of filtration or treatment systems are available. Sometimes a well needs to be simply sanitized and re-tested. Occasionally, a simple filter system can be used to resolve contaminants. In the event that problems are more complex, you may require the services of a well water contractor. Regardless, we will review your well water report and will make appropriate recommendations as to how to begin to resolve common issues.

We do NOT sell or maintain water treatment equipment.  This ensures that your results are unbiased and independent of those who may want to sell you expensive well water treatment equipment.

Question: The seller has provided old results. Are they reliable?

Answer: Maybe or maybe not. You will need to determine when the samples were analyzed to be sure they aren’t too old. Generally speaking, anything over one year old is considered out of date. Both the State of Vermont and New Hampshire recommends testing for Total coliform and e. Coli bacteria annually.

With this in mind, it is important that home buyers have the well water tested before purchase.