Well Water Testing in Eden, Vermont

Twin State Inspections, LLC performs Well Water Testing Services in Eden, Vermont and surrounding areas.  Your locally based Home Inspector will perform quick and accurate sampling.  Results are timely.

Contact us by phone (802-342-4677) or email Info@TwinStateInspections.com for more information.

Home Inspections and Radon Testing services are also available in Eden, Vermont.  Be sure to let us know if you need those services when you book your well water test.

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A Few Quick Well Water Testing Facts

Should I get the well water tested?

Absolutely. Health Vermont recommends testing on a regular basis.  Read about that here.

We all too frequently receive results of well water tests that indicate potability problems. There are a multitude of issues which can occur with well water. Examples can be the presence of (or elevated levels of) Total coliform, e.Coli bacteria, arsenic, nitrite, nitrate, radon, lead, copper. There are also secondary characteristics of well water which can be problematic, such as iron and manganese, acidic water, sodium, and chloride. We sometimes test for MtBE or other various volatile organic compounds, especially if a gas station is (or was) nearby.  We always recommend radon screening of all drilled wells.  Read more about our radon testing services.  

When do you draw the water samples? Are you the lab too?

If you have scheduled a home inspection with us, we usually try to get to the home 2-3 days in advance of the scheduled inspection date to get a head start on this. Once received at the lab, samples take 3-5 days for the final report. Sometimes, we will draw the sample at the inspection.

Twin State Inspections, LLC is not a laboratory and does not provide well water analytical services directly. We only perform the well water sampling services and provide you with the testing results.  Read more about our Home Inspection Services.  

When do we get the results?

Most water results are back to us in 3-5 days, depending on the test. Some testing takes longer, such as testing for Gross Alpha (radiological issues) which can take up to two weeks to return results. We track the progress of your well water samples and provide you with the results as soon as they are received and have been reviewed by our staff.  Read more about us and our qualifications.